Lizzy Plotkin and Sophia Chudacoff

For this place-based performance Lizzy Plotkin and Sophia Chudacoff weave together old-time fiddle tunes with original songwriting to access the timelessness of human emotions and unearth the living folklore of Gunnison Valley's history. With their roots in Nashville and their new musical branches in the Colorado Rockies, Sophia and Lizzy draw upon Americana traditions such as Old-time, Bluegrass, Country, Folk and the Blues to create a feel good experience full of expression!

After landing in Crested Butte, CO in 2016, Sophia received a grant to write songs for the Gunnison Valley community, it’s history, the legacy of miners, women and other inhabitants whose paths brought them to this remote high-elevation home. Interviewing old-timers and imagining the scenes of the 1800’s lead Sophia to compose a series of songs, which she needed Lizzy’s help to complete. The result was “Folk Songs of the Valley” - performed in Crested Butte for the community and recorded live in 2018. This project launched the ladies on their journey to fuse the historic perspectives with their own stories as present-day valley-dwellers. The beauty of the landscape is the biggest inspiration for their music, with tunes that speak to the sage-brush hills, snowy peaks and the real, everyday mountain-town living. Letting harmony ring with body percussion, exuberant fiddling, and fingerpicking guitar, this music walks the line between tradition and unique composition.

Live from the United Congregational Church - Crested Butte, CO "The Witch Song"